Analysis of organizations' current situation

Organizations received consultations in evaluating their institutional building and governance. These references were based on the project’s current situation analysis tool, which was designed based on the standards of the United Nations Humanitarian Coordination Office (OCHA), which included 66 criteria in governance analysis, programme and project system analysis system of monitoring and evaluation and enhancing the transparency of institutional financial processes and the management and development of human resources and other standards, Field visits to our Advisory Group for the implementation of advisory services and the analysis of gaps in the institutional structure of the project’s beneficiary organizations have been undertaken through the analysis tool and this has been reflected in special reports as an input to the next phase, namely, the development of governance in the organizations

Organizational governance developmen

The project’s beneficiary organizations will be targeted to upgrade their level of governance by closing those gaps analysed and accounted for at the stage of analysis of the current situation of the organizations and developing manuals, policies and regulations and all governance requirements. The aim of these advisory services is to develop the foundations and pillars of local institutions’ work to build on a strong foundation that will help them implement projects with wider and greater impact in professional ways. and play a crucial role in increasing organizations’ access to donor funding for poverty reduction projects in Yemeni society.